Admission Process

• To get entered into better university admission in Canada be prepared for applying 6 months before for the intakes • There are three intakes in Canada. Fall, winter and summer which start in September, January and May respectively. • As the whole to get student visa it will take minimum of 2-3month so prior planning for • Intakes should be done by students


  • Choose the program you to want to opt for
  • Whether it is undergradution, graduation, masters, PhDetc.
  • Prepare for paper work such as academics transcripts, test scores,lors,sop,resume etc.
  • check the specific admission requirement in accordance with applied university
  • submit your application through online
  • wait for the official confirmation of admission from the university
  • pay the tuition fee to the university
  • apply for visa which will take minimum of 6months
  • arrive in Canada