I would like to settle abroad, what is preferable study overseas or permanent resident visa?
    The aim of achieving quality & qualified education is to settle in a good career with a country providing maximum benefits. If you already have credentials which entail you to apply for a direct work permit or migration option from your home country, it is always preferable to relocate overseas on a permanent resident visa as you get maximum benefits while getting a local status.
    What is the visa I get if I choose Switzerland as my career option?
    There are different types of visas, depends upon the purpose of your travel. Students for education go on B permit visa. And are also eligible and get a Schengen visa. Schengen visa has it benefit that an individual having this visa can travel around 26 countries which is an wonderful opportunity.
    I have completed my education through distance education, will it be recognized?
    It depends upon the country and the university or institution where you have attained these qualifications. Most of the government/private universities or institution of higher learning from India are recognized and even a distance education attained at these grants is recognized for the purpose of higher education or Immigration. For more details, please call, sms or send us an enquiry online and we will reach out to you.