• The Caribbean islands are a group of islands on the Caribbean Sea, commonly grouped as West Indies along with few mainland countries like Suriname, Guyana and Belize.
  • The Caribbean is one of the top tourism destinations on earth with the pristine beaches and natural beauty.


  • Medical degree provided in most of Caribbean medical universities is MD program (doctor of medicine).
  • The medical degree in most of the universities is for 51/2 years
  • Its most advantage for the students those who want to become US Doctors and settle anywhere in the world
  • The main motto Caribbean medical school is produce more no.US doctors


  1. Less Tuition: Caribbean medical schools typically cost less than U.S. medical schools (both public and private).
  2. Global Medical Training: students who are able to have a global medical education have an advantage in residency applications, Caribbean medical schools are affiliated with numerous teaching hospitals, it gives students the opportunity to participate in clinical rotations throughout the United States or Canada.
  3. Clinical Rotation Opportunities: most of the Caribbean schools have clinical opportunities in US and Canada.
  4.  Less Competitive: Most of the US and Canadian schools are more choosy and have less seats even if get less marks in MCAT and have good GPA you can get admission in Caribbean Medical schools.
  5. Supportive Environment: Medical school professors in the Caribbean want you to succeed, both for your well-being and for their school’s reputation.



The Indian students should fulfill the following Admission Requirement suggested by best abroad school education.

  • 12thStandard with 50% Marks in PCB
  • NEET Eligibility for India Students
  • English Subject in the Higher Secondary
  • Min 17 Years of Age & Max 25 Years of Age

Visa Procedure for MBBS Caribbean in  always advised to check with the BEST ABROAD SCHOOL EDUCATION consultancy office.

1.   Valid Passport

2.   Marks Sheets of 10th 12th NEET

3.   LOR’s-2 and SOP

4.   Transfer Certificates of previous institutions and Code of conduct

5.   Passport Size Photographs

6.   Birth Certificate with other required documents

7.   University offer letter


A bank statement of the guardian should be submitted which should include the fee structure of the 1st year of the education.

At BEST ABROAD SCHOOL EDUCATION we strictly recommend you to check the following points, Fraud agents will ask for the following.

1.   Full Payment of MBBS Fees – 6 Years together

2.   Donation or Capitation Fee

3.   Original Passport

4.   Non Tax Receipts of Payments


For making admission Hassle free talk to Best Abroad School Education admission expert

  1.   Talk to Admission Officer
  2.   Fill Application form
  3.   Submit necessary documents
  4.   Get offer letter form university of college
  5.   Acceptance of offer letter
  6.   Immigration process
  7.   All documents must be checked properly before applying

Service by Best Abroad School Education

  1.   Career Counselling
  2.   Admission Counselling
  3.   University Selection
  4.   Document Preparation
  5.   Application Processing
  6.   Bank Loan & Visa Guidance
  7.   Accommodation Assistance
  8.   Forex Guidance
  9.   Pre-Departure Counselling