Switzerland is nestled in the heart of Europe; this compact little country has an interesting – and neutral – history. The English name for Switzerland unsurprisingly means “Land of the Switzer”, which is an old name for the Swiss people. The Swiss flag is among the most iconic in the world: the simple white cross on a red background. Switzerland is one of the highest countries in Europe. In total, there are precisely 208 Swiss mountains that stretch up past 3,000 meters. These include the legendary Matterhorn, which can be seen on bars of the famous Swiss chocolate brand, Toblerone. In fact, the country is home to more than 7,000 lakes. While Lake Geneva, which lies to the west, is undoubtedly the most famous. Switzerland has a rich sporting history on global stage. The Swiss Confederation consists of 26 regions, called cantons. These cantons can vary significantly depending on their culture and geography.