Terms and Conditions

As a customer of Best Abroad School Education, you are required to aware that while signing up a contract with us, you agree, accept and abide by our terms and conditions of services related to various services provided such as Counselling, Guidance, Admission, Travel and others.

• Once you sign the Registration form of Best Abroad School Education for a specific program, the binding would be both the sides such as you to complete the payments as per the signed form and Best Abroad School Education for providing the services.
• Once you are registered with Best Abroad School Education, the application fees payable to the university are not refundable.
• Due balance should be paid without any delay on receipt of offer letter from the University.
• The services provided by Best Abroad School Education would complete once the student receiving an offer letter From University.
• Best Abroad School Education does not guarantee issuance of Visa by the consulates or the time taken by the embassies to stamp the visa. Any delay or rejection due to this would not be considered as the delay or failure of Best Abroad School Education to deliver its services as per the registration form.
All the communication and documents should reach us via email –
I, the above named applicant do hereby declare that, the entries made by me in the application form are complete and true to the best of my knowledge and based on records. I understand that if any of the information is found wrong my application will stand cancelled.